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Stitched Heirlooms
My name is Adana (uh-day-na)
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Adana "her father's daughter". Adanna


  Meaning: Variation of Ada, 'Prosperous and joyful, happy'.
  Origin: Scottish
  Alternatives: Adana.
  Nicknames: -

After 50 years I've had many jobs and many job titles, of which MOM was the most important and most rewarding.

Having dated my husband in high school, we married in 1971. I went from pediatrics at Mercy Hospital to decorating my house in early "babyhood".  
I joined Champaign County Camera Club; volunteered in our public library and the grade school library; was on the committee for the Champaign County Town & Country Art Show' worked for Kodak in the club slide competition division writing scripts for prize winning slides, and set up a darkroom in my laundryroom.
In 1986 I found I desperately needed a change, and began doing reference work in the Champaign County Historical Archives. I learned a lot about genealogy and picked up my mothers research and sort of ran with it where I traced the Hannah family back to 1050 in Sorbie Scotland.
1990 found me in the marketing department of a publishing company (can we say BORING?). Four years later the right opportunity came along for me to return to medicine.
In 1994 I came to the medical research department where I was involved with the research done on 14 black bears. From typing patents, grants, dealing with the media, I quickly moved into working with human research protections as the Institutional Review Board specialist. The IRB is a group of people who protect the rights of human subjects in clinical trials.
I went back to school in the mid-late 90's (way too much work, not nearly enough fun or stitching time). In 2001, I turned 50 and attended 5 cross stitch retreats....the equivalant of a PhD from Stitcher's University. :)

Home of the Adams Family

San Diego 1998
Bill & Adana on one of the many trip to SD