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My name is Adana (uh-day-na)
50 Years Later
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2001 Finishes
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2000 Finishes

Projects finished in Year 2000

1. Last Stitches of the Millennium/my design
2. Thistle Sampler/Charland
3. The Garden Gate Hare/E&E&F
4. I Love You/Shepherd's Bush freebie
5. Winter Fob/HIH
6. Scarlet Letter Fob/my design
7. Frosty Fob/HIH
8. Secret Garden Fob/Lizzie*Kate inspiration (2)
9. American Heritage Heart/Sweetheart Tree
10. Year 2000 Fob/my design
11. Sheepie Fob/SB inspiration
12. Velveteen Rabbit Fob/HIH inspiration
13. American Quilt Fob/my design
14. My Irish Eyes are Smiling/Erica Michaels
15. 2000 Collectors Heart/HIH
16. Hope/Bent Creek
17. Fear Not Little Flock/Shepherd's Bush freebie
18. Irish Needle Roll/Lorri Birmingham
19. Stitchers Needle Roll/Lorri Birmingham
20. Happy Birthday Earth/Lizzie*Kate
21. Pocketbook Hearts/Twisted Threads
22. Wee Girlfriends/HIH
23. Easter 2000/ILUVMOO freebie
24. The Bunnies/Bent Creek
25. Mothers Day/Lindy Jane
26. Sweet Liberty/Lizzie*Kate
27. Wee Seashore/HIH modified
28. Rise & Shine/Bent Creek
29. My Lizzie*Kate Round Robin (Love Lives Here)
30. Tiffanys Lizzie*Kate RR (Boo)
31. Moniques Lizzie*Kate RR (Santa Stop)
32. My Trilogy Round Robin (Bounding Bunny)
33. Barbs Trilogy RR (Liberty Zipper)
34. Charitys Trilogy RR (HIH's)
35. Sierras Trilogy RR (Autumn House)
36. Cindys Trilogy RR
37. Heart fobs/SB inspiration (2)
38. Friends Are We/HIH (gift for Annemiek)
39. Miracles Happen/Lizzie*Kate (gift for Cari)
40. Brown Ranch/Drawn Thread
41. Will Work for Cookies/Lizzie*Kate (gifts)
42. Pincusion-Oak Motif/Drawn Thread (gift for Karen)
43. Baby Alphabet/Sheepish Designs
44. You Have Stolen My Heart/Lizzie*Kate freebie
45. Theres No Place Like Home/Lizzie*Kate Freebie
46. Christmas Treat Bag/Shepherd's Bush
47. Millennium fob/Shepherd's Bush
48. Seamus OBlarney/Cross Eyed Cricket
49. Biancas Towel/my design
50. Greater Vision Cruise sweatshirt/my design
51. Bethlehem Christmas Card/library book
52. Americow/ILUVMOO
53. Hats Off To America/Secret Needle Night design
54. Drawn Thread Xmas Exchange-Night Before Xmas/Karin L)
55. Victorian Garden Sampler/Drawn Thread
56. Charlotte Sampler/Drawn Thread
57. Rosebud Nametag/Drawn Thread
58. The Mighty Oak/Bent Creek
59. LEAF/Bent Creek
60. Red Heart/HIH
61. Wonderland/Trilogy
62. Spring Is In The Air/Trilogy

Next year we hope to do more!