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My name is Adana (uh-day-na)
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2001 Finishes

Year 2001 finishes so far

1. Spring Time/Homepsun Elegance (freebie)
2. Jane's Trilogy RR/Snowbound (HIH)
3. My Denver Gathering RR
4. Jenny's Denver Gathering RR
5. 3 Fobs for the VMS-BB Valentine Exchange
6. A Hug Will Do/Lizzie*Kate
7. Lindsay's Lizzie*Kate RR/Angels Bring Peace
8. S is for Shepherd's Bush/SB
9. My Chartmakers RR/Stitching House
10. Chris's Triogy RR/Bee of Good Cheer (Bent Creek)
11. The Bugs/Bent Creek (3 times on different fabric)
12. Annemiek's Denver RR
13. Danya's Denver RR
14. Key West Sampler/Bright Needle
15. Silk Rose Scissor Companion/Ewe & Eye & Friends
16. A Heart and Hand for Bonnie/Glenda's Chartmakers RR
17. Drawn Thread fob for RosUK
18. Bee Mine/Lisa's Lizzie*Kate RR (freebie)
19. In All Things Give Thanks/Cindy's Lizzie*Kate RR
20. May Mania/HIH
21. BUZZZ/Bent Creek - done 4 times on vacation
22. Dutch Strawberries/Cindy's Chartmakers RR
23. BUZZZ & heart from THE RIVER/Annemiek's RR
24. Beehive Fob/for Barb
25. Annemiek's Fob Design
26. Red House Scissor Companion/E&E&F
27. Shepherd's Bush Fob/SB
28. When We Love We Grow/Glenda's Lizzie Kate RR
29. Reach for the Stars/HIH/Gift for Barb Lang
30. Seven Sailors/Tracy's Chartmakers RR
31. Tree from /Ann's Chartmakers RR
32. Guardian Angel Sampler (Drawn Thread)
33. Thanksgiving Sampler (Drawn Thread)
34. Chelle's Denver RR (small DT motif)
35. Joy's Denver RR (small DT motif)
36. The Fruit of the Vine-Eventide Designs
37. Summer Song (Shepherd's Bush)

Bigger projects and fewer RR's next year!