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The Stitching Studio
Lizzie*Kate Round Robin


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THEME: Love Lives Here

Lizzie Kate RR - October 2000
This RR shows off the cute and whimsical designs of Lizzie Kate. Many of the themes are holiday related since Linda seems to do holidays so well.

Tiffany - MI (Leader)
Adana - IL
Bonnie - NY
Nancy - MO
Glenda - IA
Cindy - VA
Lisa - SC
Lindsay - England
Monique - TX


My theme was simply Love Lives Here and I wanted houses of all types on my RR. Above you can see what Nancy and Bonnie put on it.



Joanie had to drop out of our group, but since I was first to send to her, she stitched this adorable snowman holding a birdhouse on my RR.


My addition to Glenda's LKRR

[After Joel's Princeton interview]
Lana: So, how're we doin'?
Joel Goodson: Looks like University of Illinois!
From Risky Business - Tom Cruise...Joel Goodson