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My name is Adana (uh-day-na)
50 Years Later
Favorite Links
2001 - April-May-June Finishes
2001-Diary for July-August-September
2001 - Oct-Nov-Dec finishes
Easter Trimmings
Floss Conversions
My UFO's
Conference Projects
Current Projects
Shepherd's Bush Round Robin - 1999
Chartmakers Round Robin
Drawn Thread RR
VMS Retreat 2001
Denver Gathering 2000
Lizzie*Kate Round Robin
Trilogy Round Robin
1999 Finishes
2000 Finishes
2001 Finishes
Adams Photo Album
Vacation Photo Album
Sasha The Wonder Pup
The Wisdom of the Dalai Lama
My Stitching Room
2001 - Oct-Nov-Dec finishes


"Death's not a stop in the old cold sod. It's merely a way station on the way to God,"

"Nobody love me, I am going to the garden and eat worms."