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The Stitching Studio
WIP's (aka Works in Progress)

Projects that have my attention at the moment.


My name is Adana (uh-day-na)
WIP's (aka Works in Progress)
50 Years Later
Favorite Links
2001 - April-May-June Finishes
2001-Diary for July-August-September
Easter Trimmings
Floss Conversions
My UFO's
Conference Projects
Current Projects
Shepherd's Bush Round Robin - 1999
Chartmakers Round Robin
Drawn Thread RR
VMS Retreat 2001
Denver Gathering 2000
Lizzie*Kate Round Robin
Trilogy Round Robin
1999-2000-2001 Finishes
Vacation Photo Album
Sasha The Wonder Pup
The Wisdom of the Dalai Lama

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Born to stitch, forced to work!