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Stitched Heirlooms
Wishful thinking for 2002


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So Many Projects, So Little Time..

There are so many wonderful designs out there
that I want to stitch. In the coming year I would
like to finish the following projects:
Celtic Christmas (Lavendar & Lace)
Glory (Bent Creek) as a Remembrance piece for 9/11/2001
Mermaid and the Sea (Examplars From The Heart)
Sheep for Thee (Bent Creek)
Better Not Pout (Shepherd's Bush) 
Heart of Hearts (HIH)
Lo, A Rose Sampler (Brightneedle)
Fob (Needle's Content)
Finger Lakes Sampler (Brightneedle)
Flying Squirrel (BC exclusive)
Flying Angel (BC exclusive)
Redbird Sampler (BC exclusive)
Blackbird Sampler (BC exclusive)
Cowbird Purse (BC exclusive)


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