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The Stitching Studio
My UFO's


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Projects that have lost that certain something!
Also known as UnFinished Objects

CELTIC CHRISTMAS by Lavendar & Lace
I started this piece in March of 1998 when I was taking a Philosophy course and I needed more in my life than Plato and Socrates. Can you tell she spends all her time folded up and put away. She almost never sees the light of day.



Generosity by Drawn Thread. (4/20/01) This one has really lost that certain something, mostly because I'm sick of the green and I hate the fabric. The scarf and mittens are just the cutest however and for now it's back in my WIP pile.


SWAN - Sophisticated Women Addicted to Needlework
SABLE - Stash Accumulation Beyond Life Expectancy
SA - Stash-a-holics Annonymous
They all mean the same thing, that we have more than we could possibly stitch in five lifetimes.